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The Original Filipino Taqueria


We are the original Filipino Taqueria®  specializing in tacos, burritos, rice bowls, burgers and bao buns.

“My Mom and her entire side of her family come from Cebu City, Philippines.
I was born in Canada, raised in California and classically trained in Napa and New York City. 
As a chef, I put a great deal of pressure on myself to disrupt and innovate beyond what is already there.
I've always wanted to create a laid-back taqueria-style bar/restaurant that represents what I am all about.

I wanted to create a fun joint that celebrates Filipino cuisine in a casual taqueria style setting,
easily resonating with people of all ages, no matter what city or country they come from.”
Executive Chef/Owner

New York

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
For all TV or appearance related inquiries, please email us at :

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